What is this?


I play a lot of jrpg's, and I wanted a place to just write about my thoughts. I figured rather than create a new tumblr or create a new site, I'd add them onto my personal blog.

I mostly want to have this space as a place to ramble about jrpgs, so that when I'm trying to remember my favorite parts, or the story, or talk to someone about what I liked or disliked, I have a reference of my thoughts while playing it to refer to.

I'm not writing formal reviews, I'm not trying be a games journalist or whatever, I'm writing first and foremost for myself. In light of that, everything I write will have full spoilers for whatever game I'm talking about. Honestly, I like sharing my thoughts on games' endings with my friends, so avoiding writing about them out of fear that I might spoil something for some rando reading this defeats the purpose.