So I haven't really posted in the last month, mainly because I haven't done anything interesting. I've been writing some Perl code using Catalyst and Mason. But that's not terribly exciting.

I am however, taking a Mainframes course at RIT this quarter. It promises to be relatively exciting. In it, we get to learn the intricacies of z/OS, and how to manage one of those beasts. That'll be fun. Surprisingly, there's a programming project towards the end of it (it's surprising because it's a Networking and Sysadmin course, we don't program much). And since I'm learning how to administer and use mainframes, I thought to myself, "Hell, let's do this project in COBOL." So here I sit, trying to find a decent COBOL tutorial on the internet.

If anyone finds one, please send it to me. It'd be nice.