Update: spamd on Linux


I finally took some time this weekend to deploy spamd on some ec2 instances. I have 2 mail servers on ubuntu 13.04 running the latest copy of spamd on linux, with synchronized greylisting tables.

I've run into a few bugs with deployment, which I've added to the github issues. Hopefully I can get them resolved soon.

I did run spamd through a small gamut of tests with postal, a SMTP stress tester. They handled the excess load beautifully, keeping the synchronization tables up to date even at 1000 mails/min (well, it was less than that, due to spamd's resource draining feature) for 8 hours.

If you want to help test spamd, it'd be super great if you can sign up ubuntu@spamd.worrbase.com for all kinds of sketchy services. Maybe even forge the email address and reply to some spam messages (that's what I'm doing). I'd like to continue testing it for the next week or so with some real-world spam load.

The only bit left to port is spamlogd. I haven't figured out the most logical way to translate it to iptables, since iptables lacks a logging device akin to pflogd.

Again, please direct spam to ubuntu@spamd.worrbase.com (or even hostmaster@spamd.worrbase.com to test greytrapping).