FOSS Class Introduction


So, first, I royally messed this up when I first committed this blog entry, and wrote about 3 things I enjoyed doing, rather than writing about 3 Sugar activities. That post has been removed - largely out of embarrassment

That being said, here are my three favorite Sugar activities.


The first activity I find interesting is Wine. This isn't because I think the Wine project is particularly interesting by itself, but because I find it surprising that Wine has been "ported" to the OLPC as well as its reception.

One reviewer basically says that it's how he does normal computing on his OLPC, which is curious to me, as there really ought to be Activities to handle his needs (in this case, playing games and listening to music).


Etoys was pretty much guaranteed to make this list, as I'm (obviously) a programmer. It seems like a smart way to make programming more appealing to children, so that they can get hooked at a young age.


GetBooks looks great, as it makes book acquisition trivial for people who want to read. I'm not sure what kinds of books you can find using OPDS, but the idea by itself is laudable. I honestly can't wait to see what kinds of texts are available to me.